Roadmap to Wellness - A Workshop for Women

This 90-minute workshop is for the woman who wants to:

  • Address fatigue, brain fog, blood sugar and hormonal imbalances

  • Understand why liver detox and gut health are so popular

  • See concrete data that can drive her own personal wellness roadmap

  • Learn how holistic traditions such as acupuncture and yoga can be powerful tools in combination with western testing

Participants will complete a Metabolic Assessment Form in advance of this interactive workshop so that they can begin to see their own personal roadmap. Using the form as a guide, we will move through four key areas of health for women - thyroid, blood sugar balance, iron, and vitamin D with a sample expanded blood panel to highlight how good questions lead to sound testing. Knowing where to start to create our own version of wellness can be overwhelming. But good questions lead to sound testing and together they create a custom roadmap to wellness.

Thursday, September 12 7-8:30pm @ Luma Yoga

Get Your Early Bird Spot Before Sept. 1! Reserve online* or call Luma (831) 325-2620

I'm Coming Solo ($30 before September 1, $35 thereafter)

I'm Bringing a Girlfriend ($50 per duo before September 1, $60 thereafter)

*You will need to create an account on MindBodyOnline in order to reserve online

Anne Chiaramonte, M.S., L.Ac., FABORM - Anne is an acupuncturist whose practice resides within Luma Yoga. Her practice, Arrive Reproductive Medicine, is dedicated to filling a gap in women’s health care. Her Roadmap to Wellness was originally created for her strong fertility specialty. Over time, Anne saw the need to expand this roadmap to all women looking for support for common issues like thyroid, burnout, insulin resistance and gynecological concerns.