What People Are Saying…


I went to see Anne in a whole bunch of situations over the course of seven years- when I had back and neck problems, when I was battling stress, while I was trying to conceive my children, while I was pregnant, and postpartum. Not only was the acupuncture and bodywork that she provided helpful, she became one of my most trusted wellness advisers and advocates. She helped so much in preparing my body for pregnancy and birth - her labor induction points for both kids really got things going! When I was having trouble conceiving my second child, she guided me through testing my hormone levels and when to involve my doctor. It is her ability to relate to her patients, advise them and offer emotional support that I think is one of her most important traits. —D.B.


Anne was truly amazing and went out of her way to help me bring my baby boy into the world over a year and half ago. I have a special place in my heart for her mastery and what was a very holistic and deeply healing experience! Thank you, Anne! —L.G.


I love Anne Chiaramonte! She is thoughtful, reflective, caring and a wonderful acupuncturist! She listens to my concerns and provides exceptional treatment for my needs. She has helped me with my back and hips, and all over stress relief. —K.S.


I found Anne through my cousins who had been seeing her for a long time for acupuncture. She worked miracles for them, which brought me to try acupuncture for the first time. Anne became an important part of my life as I navigated the challenges and excitement of getting pregnant for the first time. Her intuition and advice for nutrition and acupuncture treatment helped with several issues I was facing, and equally important she provided emotional support when I needed it most. I can't recommend Anne enough. She is amazing. —J.P.

Anne is amazing. She worked with me when I was trying to conceive and then afterwards for postpartum and stress. Her bedside manner is so assurring and calming. You know you are in fabulous hands with Anne. I highly, highly recommend her. —M.W.


I started seeing Anne Chiaramonte almost twelve years ago when I experienced some infertility issues. She was amazing from the start. She is a wonderful listener, very knowledgeable, thoughtful, sensitive, thorough and very kind. She never appears rushed and I always completely relax when I walk into her practice. If one method wasn't working for me (be it location of needles, or various herbs that I was asked to take), she always found an alternative method or location that would generate the same results. Anne saw me through a couple rounds of IVF, two miscarriages, and the birth of a perfect, beautiful healthy baby boy. I truly believe that acupuncture and the treatment that Anne offered had a lot to do with that pregnancy. I was 43 when I delivered our son. I am forever grateful. Anne is an exceptional practitioner and I highly recommend her. —M.H.


I cannot say enough positive things about Anne Chiaramonte! She is kind, thoughtful, resourceful and sooooo knowledgeable and talented with acupuncture and herbs. She helped me navigate two years of immense change in my overall health with successful treatment for detox, addiction, stress, grief, hormone balancing, arthritis, sports injury, fertility, pregnancy and then increase in my milk production..... yes I trust and enjoy Anne so much I would think of any and all reasons to seek treatment from her!!!  Anne helped me get pregnant the first month of trying and have a wonderful and comfortable pregnancy. I highly recommend her as a practitioner ~ she is a wonderful resource for health and in life. —M.L.


I had a great experience with Anne. She was professional, thoughtful, and clearly knowledgeable about the art and science of acupuncture. I have a bad back and she was great about going the extra mile to make sure we found a way for me to be comfortable! —A.D.


Anne treated me after the birth of my son for recurrent mastitis and a reduced milk supply. This was to complement my traditional care consisting of a month of antibiotics. I can not rave about Anne and the experience more highly. As a medical professional, I was unsure if this was the right path but she was very knowledgeable and the treatment very effective. At the same time her warmth and kindness was also so evident in this challenging time for me. She recommended both herbs and acupuncture, I'm grateful she did. —M.P.


Anne is the best. After years of suffering from year round allergies and being on many different prescribed allergy medications, I was able in a short amount of time with Anne to stop all allergy medications and only have to take an occasional over-the-counter allergy pill (when the pollen count is extremely high). The added benefit is that Anne is also able to help with stress, a cold/flu or the occasional back pain. I always feel a million times better after visiting Anne. She also takes time in the beginning of each session to see how are you doing, really listens to your concerns and then treats you accordingly. Anne has truly made me feel like a much healthier person. —D.B.


Anne Chiaramonte gets my highest recommendation as an acupuncturist and herbalist. She listens to her patients and gets to the root of their issue(s) and solves problems. She helped me successfully navigate hormonal issues, fertility, and pregnancy. I love her integrated approach to medicine and her amazing breadth of knowledge. I learned so much from her and she helped me feel so much better. She is very talented. —S.M.


I have seen Anne for ten years and let me tell you she has some magic needles!  She has helped me heal sciatica, women's health issues, sports injuries and a serious chronic illness. She is wise, intuitive, intelligent, funny and very compassionate. She is a true gift and once you experience her work you will feel as blessed as I do! —K.L.


Anne Chiaramonte is the best!! I went to her at the end of my pregnancy and through the first few weeks to help with milk production. She is kind and knowledgeable. I felt totally comfortable with her. My labor and delivery were really smooth and I give her a ton of credit!! I would definitely recommend her and I would definitely go back to see her if/when I get pregnant again! —K.D.


I have seen Anne for several years.  She is wonderful! I first went to see her when I was experiencing a lot of changes with my hormones after weaning my first baby.  I was feeling awful and also wanted to try for another baby. She has done everything for me from regulating my hormones, helping me get pregnant, and inducing labor. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you with whatever challenges you are facing. She helped me through some tough and also exciting times. I highly recommend her!  —B.M.


Anne is the best. She is an expert in all things fertility. After a thorough evaluation, she concluded that I might have challenges conceiving and developed a custom acupuncture treatment to help me have our first baby. She's as knowledgeable in her field as any doctor in the medical field. Without her attention to detail, thoughtful ideas and treatments, I wouldn't have my beautiful daughter! Anne is the best of the best! She also has a wide network of doctors, midwives, massage therapists and fertility specialists that I've been able to use to help mitigate my fertility challenges and have a healthy and perfect baby girl. —S.W.


Three years ago I started my fertility journey. Like many other women I know, I thought I would get pregnant right away. But somehow I didn’t, and I was losing my hope and patience. So I went to my doctor only to find out that my cervix was too tight and had to be opened by a small surgery. Also I was told that only one fallopian tube was open. So if you usually have a 50% chance to get pregnant, I had 25%. After doing some research, my husband convinced me to try acupuncture with Anne Chiaramonte. It was good to share my feelings with someone other than my husband. I started a course of acupuncture, supplements and herbs. The best part of my appointments was Anne. She has this positive energy that I would feel right away. After every treatment I was so hopeful and less stressed. And after two months I found out that I was pregnant and today I have a healthy baby girl.  —B.F.


At 17, I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance called polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. I was immediately put on birth control to regulate my really long cycles. My doctor told me that it would be difficult for me to get pregnant and that I would probably need fertility treatment. Years later when I was ready to start a family, a friend recommended that I see Anne for acupuncture. I was impressed that Anne knew so much about PCOS. She helped me come up with a plan as to when to go off birth control and guided me through a detox protocol since I had been on the pill for so long. My sessions included so much more than acupuncture. Anne referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist to make sure I had all my bases covered. I was about to start a fertility treatment after a few months of going off the pill when I found out I was pregnant! I am so grateful that I saw Anne when I did. —C.B.